Dear Deirdre


Appointment as Returning Officer

The Liston College School Board of Trustees duly appoints you as the Returning Officer (RO) for the Board of Trustees parent/staff representative election (or specify other election if applicable).

The board has determined by resolution that the date for this election will be Friday 7 June. You will be calling for nominations for 5 positions in this election.



It is expected that you will carry out your duties in accordance with Regulation 5(4) of the Education (School Trustee Elections) Regulations 2000, the relevant election timetable and otherwise as you think fit.


Note: The board of trustees will be involved only in promoting the elections. You will solely be involved in running the election process itself. Please keep me advised on progress, in particular with the number of valid nominations received, and whether there are any matters which you consider may require the board’s attention during the process.




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